Rockin’ the city

Hi, loves!
Sunday inspiration is here.

This city inspires me! I’m back to Sofia and it feels like home. If three years ago someone told me I would feel the same way I feel now I would definitely think he’s crazy, haha. But here I am. I realized that home is not a place, home is a feeling.

I spent 3 amazing months in my home town Burgas surrounded by the people I love the most, having the best time together, beaching, partying, having fun etc., but I felt like both my imagination and inspiration were fading. I felt that way without any responsible explanation. However, I come to conclusion that people here in Sofia inspire me more, but not as much as those in Manchester. Oh, I will never stop dreaming about this city! Maybe it’s time to go back there soon for some more inspiration, who knows. 😀 But anyways, Sofia brings my memories back to one of the best moments in my life which is the reason  I started this blog. And here I am writing about the things I love.. and you know what.. the best part of it is being able to share them with you guys.

Yesterday I decided to walk around a bit and collect some good energy and it was worth it. Maybe these heels weren’t the best decision for a long walk but I think they complimented my outfit perfectly. Btw they are not as uncomfortable as they look. They are just not  appropriate for a long walks. I think that sweaters and leather skirts are a perfect combination if you want to be comfy and classy at the same time. Add a faux fur vest or something else to keep you warm.. and you are ready to rock the city!
And don’t forget that fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you. Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.
Hope you guys are having the best Sunday night and till next time!

With love,
Queen A. ❤


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