One week ago one of my Instagram followers gave me the idea to write a blog post about my dream travel destinations. And here it is. Every single day I get inspired by all these beautiful pictures taken by some of my favourite bloggers and influencers out there. I am writing this blog post not only because I want to inspire you to travel more but to dare myself to chase my dreams and never give up on them.
Maybe some of the following destinations are well known to you and others not. They are not the trivial ones which we are used to read about every single day – except one of them. Of course I would like to travel all around the world and to see as many places as I possibly can, no matter if they are trivial or not, but the ones that I will share with you have a very special vibe.
But let’s get started..


credit: @travel_inhershoes
credit: @travel_inhershoes
credit: @travel_inhershoes

Have you ever heard about Petra? It is well known as a city of mysteries. I was really impressed when the travel blogger @travelinhershoes posted a picture from there. Its mystic beauty enchanted me completely and I could only imagine what it would be to face such beauty in real life. There are a lot of myths and interesting stories about the city. I know pretty little about Petra but I would love to expand my knowledge by one day visiting this dreamy place. What I found out was that this ancient city is very well secured and every single tourist is double checked before entering the city. Also nobody lives there. At the end of the day the city is locked and if someone accidentally or deliberately stays there, he or she is expected to pay a great fine. I would love to share more about the city of mysteries with you and I hope it would happen in some of my future blog posts. Until then I can only stare at these stunning pictures and dream of one day experiencing the magic of Petra.


credit: @katesnooks
credit: @ememewing
credit: @ranimorales

Marrakech is well known as the “Pink city” because of the predominant tile-pink color of the buildings. It is not one of the fanciest and luxurious cities to visit but it is definitely one of the most impressing ones for me. My words are not enough to describe the vibe it gives me seeing it through the pictures, it’s insane. The way of living there looks so different from ours. Their architecture, the wall details, the art and the culture seems to be very interesting and unique. And I looove that. I love when I look at a photo and I can immediately say where it is taken without looking at the location. The best time of the year for visiting this extraordinary place is in Spring or Autumn. Because of the very high temperatures it is not advisable to go there during the Summer. Should I plan my next Spring trip, yet?


credit: @raymondmercado
credit: @evelyn.wwy
credit: @reisenmitliebe

The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal source and is one of Iceland’s most visited landmarks. Maybe it is the least popular destination that I will show you today, but not the worst. I mean non of them could be the worst, because they are unique and beautiful in their own way. The water in the lagoon has healing and relaxing properties. Its temperature averages about 38-40 ° C. This makes the Blue Lagoon a place that can be visited all year round. The bottom and the walls of the lagoon are covered with pieces of dried lava. An interesting fact is that the Blue Lagoon is located near the airport and most people go straight there after landing. The hot steam coming out of the water creates a very pleasant atmosphere and it’s a very good effect for pictures. Oh, I cannot wait to go there!


credit: @jonolsson1
credit: @jannid
credit: @jannid

I finally get to my faaavorite part. Beaches, beaches, beaches! Oh, Tulum. My all time favorite place to visit. The city which name is associated with the mystical Mayas is a mixture between a seaside resort, a historic settlement and a modern city. I fell in love when my favorite blogger and youtuber @jannid posted a video on her YouTube channel showing us its beauty. White beaches, clear water, palm trees, wooden houses, coconuts.. all I need right now. I will be insanely proud of myself if one day I post a blog post from Tulum showing you my first impressions and presenting it from my point of view. Let’s dream together!


20181025_171534 - Copy
credit: @travel_inhershoes
credit: @travel_inhershoes
credit: @travel_inhershoes

Bali is probably the best known place of them all. Its nature is one of a kind. The first things that come into my mind about Bali are all those people wearing hats of coconut leaves, elephant rides through the jungle, little monkeys jumping around you, impressive nature and beautiful clean beaches. This island looks very exotic and as I said – its one of a kind. You can’t go wrong with it.
Don’t worry BEACH happy. That’s what I want to say to all of you right now. I am sure that if we strongly believe in our dreams they will come true. No matter what, no matter when, they will come true. You just have to believe!


Until next time!
With love,

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