Hi, babes! It's been a long time since I wanted to talk about the topic of Vegetarianism with you guys, but I had my worries and doubts about it because I think it became a "trend" to be Vegetarian and no one takes it seriously. But there is a deeper meaning and a totally different [...]

I’m back!

Hello, Hello, Hello! It's been a while since I last talked with you guys and I appologize for that! But here I am now. The last few months were really hectic, exhausting and very exciting at the same time. The most exciting news are that I graduated Sofia Univercity and now I'm officially a bachelor [...]

Какво се случи през 2017?

Happy New Year, loves! ❤ Честита Нова Година! И добре дошли отново в нашия малък свят. Като за начало искам да благодаря на всички  Вас, които отделят от ценното си време, за да хвърлят по един поглед над моите постове. It means a lot to me! ❤ Благодаря Ви за милите коментари и ежедневната подкрепа, [...]